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Legally Repair Inaccurate and Unverifiable Items on Your Credit Report

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Credit Repair Experts

Credit Restoration Associates is the only bonded and licensed “Credit Services Business” in Richmond, Virginia. We are also ONLY one of 9 (nine) other licensed and bonded businesses who have headquarters in the state of Virginia.

This means that by working with CRA, you will be working with legal, legitimate and local professionals for your loan approval process and the completion of your financial goals.

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What is Credit Repair?

Credit Repair is disputing accounts and entries on your credit report that are inaccurate and unverifiable. We dispute these errors directly at the source with the credit bureaus and creditors.

Credit Restoration Associates will create a personalized action plan and follow through to completion of your credit repair. Along with offering sound financial advice, our system helps to change mindsets and habits resulting in an overall improved financial profile.

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CRA Testimonials

Thanks Robert! Thank you Credit Restoration Associates!


Richmond, Virginia

Integrity, Poise, Prosperity, & Tenacity are a few things to come to mind with CRA’s track record.

Craig McLeod

Richmond, Virginia

Why Choose

Credit Restoration Associates?


Customized action plan created for you


Disputes with the 3 Major Credit Bureaus


One on One support through the process

Flexible pricing plans


Personalized Attention to your needs


Analysis of your entire credit report

Licensed, bonded, and  BBB accredited


Debt validation letters to collection agencies

Here at Credit Restoration Associates, we are poised and committed to putting our clients in the best position possible to obtain loan financing (from a FICO score perspective).

Whether it is for a home loan or car financing we know the frustrations yougo through when trying to get inaccurate information removed from their credit reports.

We know that these inaccuracies end up as a roadblock to getting their credit needs addressed properly. We take the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) very seriously and we feel that those who report items on an individual’s credit report should do the same.

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Credit Restoration Associates

is a company comprised of a skilled team of professionals with backgrounds in the Mortgage Industry, Debt Negotiation and Automotive Finance.

From Robert, Our CEO:

My years of experience, and my direct involvement with your case is what makes the difference weith Credit Restoration Associates.

I know exactly how a credit report needs to look for you to get ideal terms on purchasing a new car or home. No other credit restoration system includes ME with it.

As a client

You will enjoy the extremely high quality of credit services.

We are always here for our clients and will walk you through the process as we work hard for you. A new beginning is just a step away. Provide your information to receive your free credit report evaluation and FREE credit repair information!

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