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Director of Results.

Robert W Linkonis Sr..

I’ve Been There.

In 1993 I went through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I thought that no one had credit worse than mine, until my dealership promoted me from car salesman to Finance Manager.

I worked in the automotive industry for fourteen long years holding positions a salesman, Finance Manager, and for many years, a Finance Director. Over time, I repaired my own credit and learned the inner workings of the credit system. This knowledge was very valuable in helping the customers of my dealership.

Many times, to get a customer’s loan approved, I had to act as a credit counselor. We would lay their credit bureaus out on my desk, and using yellow highlighter, mark the areas in need of repair. Next, I would help the customers write their letters to the credit bureaus challenging any inaccurate and obsolete information. Through trial and error, I discovered the techniques to structure extremely effective FCRA requests that would require compliance by the credit bureaus to remove the inaccurate bad credit items.

The purpose of my direct involvement in all this was to help sell a car. With this hands-on approach, the customers wanted to buy a car from me and my dealership. Sometimes I followed up with these customers for up to a year helping them to fix their credit to the point where a bank would approve them for an auto loan.

Eventually, customers would tell their relatives and friends about my “services” and even though they had no interest in buying a car, would call and ask many credit questions and request my advice on credit repair. One of the salespeople joked that I should open a credit repair agency and immediately it seemed to me like a light bulb turned on. I shortly opened the doors to this agency and immediately through word of mouth, Credit Restoration Associates started to grow.

*** My years of experience, and my direct involvement with your case is the difference between Credit Restoration Associates and ANY of our competitors. I know exactly how a credit report needs to look for you to get ideal terms on purchasing a new car or home. No other credit restoration system includes ME with it.

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Human Resources Director 

Nancy C. Linkonis

Nancy and her creative team form the backbone of the CRA Credit Restoration System. A big part of our program’s success is that we don’t send form letters to the credit bureaus. Nancy and her team promise that each challenge to a misleading and inaccurate item on your credit report will be personalized and for maximum effect.

“The employees of Equifax, Experian, and Transunion are just people. Most are very nice – some aren’t” Nancy states. “Our job is to use the human factor and convince them to remove the inaccurate negative items on your credit report. This is what we are very good at.


 Senior Account Manager – 

Tonya Carmony

Tonya’s back ground includes working for Capital One Finance in their Credit Department. She worked at Capital One for 16 years, in positions such as; Marketing, Recoveries and New Account Set-up. During her tenure with Capital One she was a Project Manager and a Senior Project Manager in charge of up to 16 Associates and many projects throughout the years. In 2013 Tonya took a Salon Director position, where she especially enjoyed sales and Exceptional Customer Service. With Credit Restoration Associates, Tonya is extremely passionate about helping others repair and build their credit on a daily basis. She is currently a member of the BNI Networking community and continues to build her sphere of influence on a daily basis.

Senior Account Manager- 

Francis Owusu

Francis has a Bachelor of Science degree in both Anthropology and Information Systems.

After a tour in the US Navy, Francis chose to focus professionally in the fields of Accounts / Operation Management, Sales Management, Loss Prevention and Workplace Safety.

His passion for helping people and genuine excitement when his clients get good results, makes him a valuable asset to Credit Restoration Associates.

Senior Account Manager – 

Shelby Carbaugh Henley

Shelby Henley, Professional Account Manager at Credit Restoration Associates, enjoys a passion for helping others recognize their potential and overcome obstacles! As an International Baccalaureate Psychology teacher for 10 years she thrived in watching her students realize their GRIT to succeed. As a mortgage professional for 12 years she endeavored to assist clients in enhancing their financial situations through homeownership and debt consolidation. Joining the CRA team allows her to blend two passions – helping others and education.
Advising clients on fair credit reporting practices and the responsible use of credit is her priority! Meeting people face-to-face and watching as their lives are transformed and doors of opportunities opened, is not only her focus but also her drive.  Getting into the numbers is a necessary evil of financial success and an aspect that Shelby finds rewarding. She particularly enjoys making the process less painful for clients and teaching the value of good credit and how to interpret their credit reports. She takes pride in her ability to put people at ease taking care of each individual customer as if they are members of her own family. Shelby has shared many similar experiences battling bruised credit, and it is because of these shared experiences, she is able to empathize with each client’s individual situation. Every person can benefit from the services CRA offers and the information that Shelby is able to impart. CRA is proud to have her as a part of the solution – the solution to a brighter future of credit-worthiness and personal success!

Senior Account Manager – 

Veronica Wilson-McLeod

Veronica Wilson-McLeod, Professional Account Manager with Credit Restoration Associates is no stranger to the financial market and can brew up a spicy warm Glühwein during the winter months for friends and family as well. After spending 15 years in advertising and marketing for newspaper, magazine, and cable she was recruited into the world of mortgage lending and fell in love with assisting clients with purchasing their dream home, and refinancing to decrease their debt load putting them into a brighter and healthier financial picture. As a mortgage loan officer for five years and seven years as Certified Signing Agent, Veronica won frequent awards and incentives by always maintaining the client’s wants, needs, and aspirations as her principal priority.
When clients experience financial trauma due to mental, health, or monetary stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. Veronica’s greatest passion is to bring healing to clients who are experiencing credit burdens and obstacles. She delves into assisting them with resolution through comprehensive techniques designed to identify errors reported by the credit bureaus and order correction or removal of the inaccurate, unverifiable or obsolete negative information. She demands 100% accuracy under the law required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.  Veronica’s education includes a MBA from National American University and a B.S. from Norfolk State University. As a 30-year member of the military community, Veronica’s passion is to assist military veterans, active duty personnel, and the community in providing credit repair assistance and financial independence to enhance the quality of their lives today impacting their future generations!

CRA Solutions Envoy – 

Tracia Sago

Tracia (Tracy) worked in both the private sector Housing Authority and in the public sector housing industries for over five years before finding a home at Credit Restoration Associates. Her passion for helping her clients become “mortgage ready” is a bright spot in her career with Credit Restoration Associates.

Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection practices Act

Attorney – 

Jason M. Krumbein, Esq.

Credit Restoration Associates “on staff” Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Attorney.


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